Mission and Goals

The Austin Scenic Co-op's purpose is to reduce the waste, labor, and expense involved in producing staged work of all kinds, to strengthen the mutual support structure of Austin's creative community, and to facilitate the elevation of craft and quality across the spectrum of stage arts. In the process, the arts in Austin become more ecologically sound and sustainable.

The Co-op's goal is to grow into a multi-service provider, a one-stop clearinghouse for stage production.


The Co-op consists of a Library of scenic elements, a Storage Collective, and a Scene Shop. The Library is currently operating, while the Storage Collective and Scene Shop will be launched as their infrastructure is completed. Membership is not a requirement for use of the Library. Memberships can be obtained to the Storage Collective and the Scene Shop separately or as a package.

The Library is open to all and operates as a simple rental resource for those without the space, time, and money required to build and store their own basic scenic elements such as platforms, flats, step units, etc.

The Storage Collective is quite simply a means by which organizations can share storage space and thereby reduce their costs while maintaining access to their own stocks of furniture, costumes, and scenic pieces.

The Scene Shop is available as a rented workspace with or without access to Coop tools and staff, and as a for-hire shop to build sets to order.

Brief History

The Austin Scenic Co-op was created by Connor Hopkins and Thomas Graves with the support of Salvage Vanguard Theater and The Rude Mechs. The Co-op received a Think It! Grant from the Theater Communications Group in 2010, to develop a pilot program and assess the project's sustainability and value to the community. On the strength of that effort, the Co-op was awarded a Do It! Grant from TCG in 2011 and, with the continued support of SVT and the Rude Mechs, is increasing its membership and range of services.


Stewards - Connor Hopkins & Zac Crofford